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Frequently asked questions about Krav Maga (FAQ)

Is it a sport? Is it a Martial Art? This blog post looks at the variety of questions that are frequently asked about Krav Maga and looks to provide answers

Is Krav Maga effective in real life?

Krav Maga is not a martial art or a sport and it is aimed at teaching self defence and awareness of potential risks 'on the streets' and in real life situations. In that respect the skills acquired are arguably better suited to the real world than say a martial art.

Is it Worth Learning Krav Maga?

Krav Maga skills are adapted to real life situations. Learning how to deal with different self-defence scenarios can build confidence and also an increased awareness of personal safety.

Is Krav Maga difficult to learn?

Learning Krav Maga is fun but just like acquiring any skill it requires time, dedication and effort. Many Krav Maga Classes offer free lessons or beginners classes to ea…

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Krav Maga Student Income Calculator

Calculating the Cost to run a Krav Maga School When planning any venture including starting a Krav Maga Class, it is important to plan what level of revenue you intend to generate. Whilst it maybe your hobby, it also consumes time and money and for the class to be successful, running it more like a business, will help make the class successful for both you and your students. The first decision to make is - is this a hobby or labour of love or do you intend to make a living from it? Our handy calculator helps you calculate income for running your class after deducting costs. An example Income 100 students at ?50.00 per month (this can be $ or any currency) equals ?5,000 per month or ?60,000 per year. 10% of Students taking tests at ?45.00 per month equals ?450.00 per month or ?5,400 Total is ?65,400. Costs Krav Maga Instructor (s) Expenses Phone Website Newspaper Ads Marketing Campaigns (e.g. Facebook Ads) Cost of Facili…
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Krav Maga Reports

Krav Maga Report on UK We are compiling the latest version of our report on Krav Maga on UK Krav Maga websites and how they perform in search engines and as a marketing tool for those organisations. The report is continually updated. The report focuses on a wide range of perspectives and looks at the following areas. Performance 50 websites ranked in order for performance based on industry standard metrics. Which websites will perform well, which will not and why. Optimisation Search Engine Optimisation - which websites rank well? Structured Data - why this is important in the mobile age and who is using it? Mobile - it's a 'mobile first' world and Google prioritises 'mobile friendliness' Usability Technologies Promotion and Marketing Which websites will convert visitors to customers Back links Social Media Marketing Local Marketing Measurement Site Visitors Analytics Website Site Speed Why this is more important then …
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