Krav Maga Report on UK

We are compiling the latest version of our report on Krav Maga on UK Krav Maga websites and how they perform in search engines and as a marketing tool for those organisations.

The report is continually updated.

The report focuses on a wide range of perspectives and looks at the following areas.


50 websites ranked in order for performance based on industry standard metrics.

Which websites will perform well, which will not and why.


  • Search Engine Optimisation – which websites rank well?
  • Structured Data – why this is important in the mobile age and who is using it?
  • Mobile – it’s a ‘mobile first’ world and Google prioritises ‘mobile friendliness’
  • Usability
  • Technologies

Promotion and Marketing

Which websites will convert visitors to customers

  • Back links
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local Marketing


  • Site Visitors
  • Analytics

Website Site Speed

Why this is more important then ever.

Who is this report for?

This report is ideal for anyone who wishes to know more about Krav Maga online, e.g. student looking to open a class, club owners considering which CMS (Content Management System) to choose for their website or looking to increase their classes and student base.

Extract from report

The following table is an extract from our report and gives the score (out of 100) for an Audit of the websites.

The audit uses industry standard metrics in determining how well a website will perform in terms of generating interest and therefore growing student numbers.

For a website to perform well it should aim for a score of 70.

Websites (not just Krav Maga) that consistently score above 70 will be more successful.

The average of the 50 audited websites is only 60.

This indicates that compared to websites overall, Krav Maga websites perform below average.? The upside of this is that there are still opportunities for those classes or organisations wishing to grow.

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