KPC Krav Maga Self Defence

‘You have found the best in no nonsense self defense since 2005’

KPC?s programs are designed with modern day problems in mind.

Our blended Krav Maga and Modern Arnis system gives you the best in reality based self defense.

Our constantly evolving self defense program guarantees that if it is happening in the modern world, ‘we will talk about it’.

With the best up to date training in self defense strategies.

Our gym is dedicated to giving you amazing responses to the problems that your are most likely to face.

We give you the functional combative strategies that are simple, easy to learn, and you will actually be able to use in a real world situation.

Through KPC?s programs you will gain an understanding of:

  • Social and predatory violence
  • Self defense law
  • Your ethical limits
  • The best tactics for your body
  • Conflict resolution
  • Understanding the differences in violence that men and women face
  • How to escape, evade and deescalate before things get bad
  • Common tactics and the most common attacks that are happening
  • How to get off the victim profile
  • What you are allowed to do, to defend yourself
  • The aftermath of violence.

Student Reviews of KPC Self Defence

I?ve been with KPC for a year now and it?s the best gym I have ever attended. The classes are intense and fun at the same time. The trainers are consistent and encouraging while they push me to continually challenge myself mentally and physically. KPC is more than just a gym, it?s a way of life, a family’

Hollie Bradford

There?s no way I can ?love? a good work out but I really like it! It?s the smart way to stay fit.

Geoffery Lemont

Amazing Instructors, no BS Dojo crap just the needed information and techniques it is amazing!

Dominic Klarke

Randy is the King of self defense. Did you see what I did there Randy? I wrote a pun. Just for you. In all seriousness though, KPC is an amazing place if you?re looking to stay fit, and feel confident defending yourself.

Erin Aberant

I?ve been with KPC two years now and I continue to grow in my confidence and abilities. I?m constantly pushing my physical limits and understanding of the martial arts. I wouldn?t train anywhere else!

Andrew Gelasco

Instructors are amazing! No drill instructor mentality, lots of humour, lots of real world knowledge, practical skills that help in real fights?simple moves that work, instead of complex routines that don?t. I would, and regularly do, recommend KPC and the Krav Maga system to anyone.

Steve Larson

Great instructors. Good times. Better bruises!

Victoria Kingston

Randy gives practical, useful instruction that won?t leave your head spinning when a situation goes south. He teaches the skills but also the mental aspects of combat and self defense, and applies them to real life using a blend of martial arts styles.

Adam Beasley

Additional Info

Class Mix (Male / Female)Mixed Male and Female
Krav Maga AssociationIndependent
Do you offer Private Lessons?No
Website Score55