Our Self Defence Course is designed to very quickly teach normal people how to protect themselves.

This course requires no previous experience and delivers a comprehensive Self Defence system using Krav Maga where you will:

  • Be confident that you know how to protect yourself
  • Know devastating simple moves which will stop any Thug in their tracks, moves that will stay with you without further training
  • Be able to escape from and deal with the 18 types of attacks you could experience
  • Learns simple but very effective knife defenses now used by police forces and Special Forces world wide including the Army Ranger Wing.
  • Understand the Psychology of aggression and how to diffuse it
  • Know when and how to strike first
  • Have learned how fight from /on the ground
  • Understand how to turn fear into a positive defense response
  • Know Tactics that will stop anybody regardless of size
  • Understand strategies for fighting multiple assailants
  • Have a self defense mindset that will be there for you if you ever need it

Your training will include one to one demonstration and practice , pad work, intense technique drills, aggression training and Simulations , the closest you can get to fighting for real without getting hurt.

The course consists of either 12x 1.5 hour classes held weekly or of two full days of training. The two full days are normally completed together but can be taken separately if required.

Class sizes are limited to ensure personal attention to all participants.

To reserve a place now simply contact us at [email protected] or call Patrick on 0872390398.

All that is required to confirm your place is a deposit of 25 Euro.


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